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Dr. KATO Akiko, Mathematical Engineer, Dies at 32.

Kato Akiko, who opened a new research area, analysis of (d,k) run length constraint, in information science died on Sunday 27, Feb. 2000 7:39 pm in a hospital in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. She was 32 and lived in Koto, Tokyo, Japan.

Kato developed the fundamental theorem on zero capacity region of 2-dimensional (d,k) run length constraint, and some results on general higher dimension, too. These contributions lead us to a new important research area in information science and combinatorics.

As a native of Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, Kato earned a B.E. in mathematical engineering from the University of Tokyo at the age of 22. And she earned her master's degree from the University of Tokyo, too.

Kato was also an expert on abacus who enjoyed mental computations as one of the top abacus-ists in Japan.

Kato is survived by her partner, ITO Hisashi, of Koto, Tokyo, Japan.

According to the good Buddhist custom, her ash is at her parents for 49 days:
xxxxxxxxxx, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan,
phone: +81-3-3xxx-xxxx.
Since the funeral services have already been done by next of kin, the offering or something like that will be strictly refused. And please refrain from visiting the location to pray for the time being since their laments are profound.

3 Mar 2000 ITO Hisashi
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